Pope Scientific

United States

Science and industry have looked to Pope Scientific for over 50 years for solutions to processing excellence and to fulfill demanding separation, purification and mixing applications.

The company manufactures chemical processing equipment, engineered systems and laboratory apparatus.

The equipment line-up includes: Wiped Film Evaporators for product concentration; Molecular Stills for high vacuum separation of product from both lighter and heavier contaminants; and Hybrid Stills for efficient, selective fractional column distillation. Other offerings include Nutsche Filter-Dryers, Custom Vessel Systems, Reactors and Cannabinoid Specialties.

Pope designs are scalable to accommodate lab, pilot and large-scale production capabilities.

In addition to its complete turnkey processing equipment, Pope offers Toll Processing Services providing unexcelled GMP/kosher contract outsourcing, process development and feasibility testing resources.

Wide application range includes: Foods, Flavors, Fragrances, Fruit & Vegetable Oils, Wood & other Botanical Extracts, Fermentation-derived Products, Essential Oils, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Waxes, Fine & Specialty Chemicals, Cannabinoids and many others.