Naturex CFO Honored by French Association of Financial Executives

Thierry Bertrand Lambert, the CFO of Naturex, won the 3rd 2013 Financial Management Award for the Provence region given by the French Association of Financial Executives (Association Nationale des Directeurs Financiers et de Contrôle De Gestion - DFCG ).

Lambert was honored at the event held on Sept. 24 at the Regards de Provence Museum in Marseilles. Selected from among his peers of the region, Lambert was distinguished by a jury of professionals from the field of finance for his project for centralizing the accounting departments of Naturex Group. The project, completed in barely 16 months, centralized the accounting departments of the group's main European entities within a single accounting-finance division based at Naturex's headquarters in Avignon. Through these centralization measures, Naturex said it was able to achieve increased efficiencies by pooling resources, optimizing the expertise of each contributor while promoting the creation of additional expertise, notably in the areas of tax and internal audit.

"The group's strong growth of the last three years combined with successive series of acquisitions has increased the number of our operations worldwide and particularly in Europe," said Lambert. "In response, it was important to reorganize the accounting-finance pole for the European region around a centralized model by function in order to build momentum and harness the skills of all staff." 

Lambert is a graduate of the EGC business school of Avignon, the University of Birmingham (United Kingdom) with an MBA from INSEAD. He began his career in 2001 with the PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Five years later he joined the London operations of the financial services company, CIT Group, before joining Naturex in May 2009 where he participated in the acquisition of the Ingredient Division of Natraceutical. In September 2009 he was appointed corporate finance manager with responsibility in particular for financing, treasury, credit management and mergers and acquisitions. Since January 2013, he has served as Naturex's CFO.

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