Making Connections

Fragranced textiles, packaging and retail environments are all part of IFF’s scent-branding initiatives, moving past traditional categories such as fine fragrances and oral care into new fronteirs. We recently spoke with IFF’s chief marketing officer, Joe Faranda, about the company’s BrandEmotions enterprise and how fragrance’s role is expanding into this new arena.

Some of the questions we asked Joe Faranda:

  1. Can you briefly explain the concept of scent branding? In what ways can fragrance make or strengthen connections between brands and consumers?
  2. Can you talk a little bit about IFF’s recent collaboration with Samsung?
  3. IFF uses this scent branding through packaging, displays and textiles. What kind of experiences you have had with that?
  4. How is fragrance creation different on a BrandEmotions project than, say a fine fragrance or detergent?
  5. What’s next in scent branding?

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