Industry Profile: Mastertaste

So what trends are shaping this industry leader’s priorities? What opportunities has the organization identified? What forces are going to shape its — and the industry’s — future? We spoke with several company insiders for the answers and came away with a dynamic portrait of an evolving F&F powerhouse.

It has been almost two years since Mastertaste made an acquisition. This is by far the longest period the company has gone without a purchase since it was acquired by the Kerry Group (Tralee, Ireland) in 1998. Following the acquisitions of Krauss, Fructamine and Flavurence, Mastertaste made its boldest move in 2004 with the purchase of fragrance house J. Manheimer.

But isn’t the company called Mastertaste? How does this new fragrance component fit into the organization’s goals and strategies? And, with its extended pause in new acquisitions, what is the company’s main priority? Says chief executive Kevin Lane: “We’re now focused on aggressive organic growth — especially within our flavors and natural products divisions.”

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