California Safe Cosmetics Act List of Chemicals

The Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association has just released the following letter regarding a preliminary list of chemicals that must be reported under the California Safe Cosmetics Act.

The California Department of Health Services (DHS) is circulating a preliminary list of chemicals (click here to view) that must be reported under the California Safe Cosmetics Act (SB-484). There are no surprises here. As you may recall, in February 2006 we distributed a list of chemicals used in flavors and fragrances that may require reporting (click here to view). All of these chemicals are included on the preliminary California list.

DHS has also announced that they will hold public meetings in Sacramento and Southern California probably sometime in March although the dates have not been finalized. The purpose of the meetings will be to update interested parties on compliance with the act. Pending the issuance of formal guidance, the California authorities are not enforcing this act even though the compliance deadline was January 2007.

We have additional compliance information so please contact me if you have any questions.

Best regards,
John Cox

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