Roman chamomile: Aromatherapy and well-being


Roman chamomile essential oil is characterised by fruity and syrupy notes. It is commonly used to aid digestive problems due to its antispasmodic properties. It also has a calming effect and is therefore highly useful if experiencing anxiety*.

In 2018, difficult weather conditions and bouts of blight forced farmers to harvest Roman chamomile early. As a result, yields and quantities have been lower than expected.

The essential oil is obtained via steam distillation of the flowering tops. The primary constituents are isobutyl angelate and isoamyl methacrylate (30-45%), isoamyl angelate (12-22%), and methylallyl angelate (6-10%). 

* These aromatherapeutic properties are excerpted from specific works and are provided for information purposes only. They are not, under any circumstances, to be considered sufficient as a basis for any health claim or diagnosis for purposes of therapeutic application.


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