Flavorcon Virtual Event

Perfumer & Flavorist magazine has announced it will be hosting Flavorcon Virtual, an online version of its industry-leading event.

Taking place December 9-10, 2020, Flavorcon Virtual will offer attendees the opportunity to learn about the ways in which food and beverage manufacturers are changing and adapting to meet consumer demand during this unprecedented time.

Due to popular demand, we re-opened registration for those who missed it. Registration will be open until January 22!

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Conference Session

Regulatory Professionals Navigating the COVID 19 Regulatory Environment

8:00 AM – 8:50 AM CST Session Sponsor: Anton Paar USA

Speaker: Nancy Higley, Ph.D. Regulatory Connections, LLC

Companies are positioning themselves to thrive as the food, food ingredient, and flavor industry sector prepares to deal with the new normal caused by the pandemic. But, from a regulatory professional perspective, have we landed on “new normal”? What about the industry will change, what will go back to normal, and what opportunities will arise?

Exhibitor Session

Kosher & Halal Manufacturing - Meeting Religious Requirements in the Modern Workplace

8:55 AM – 9:20 AM CST Session Sponsor: MilliporeSigma

Speaker: Dr. Luke Grocholl, MilliporeSigma

Market demands for kosher and halal products create many challenges beyond raw material qualifications. This webcast will provide an overview on the requirements to meet kosher and halal manufacturing demands including infrastructure, segregation, and common processes that may need additional scrutiny.

Conference Session

Creating Fresh Ideas at La Colombe

9:25 AM – 10:05 AM CST Session Sponsor: Biospringer

Speaker: Laura Christian, La Colombe Coffee Roasters

A look into how flavors were used in the early days of formulating the first Draft Latte just a few years ago, and how it has (or hasn't) changed since growing into a national brand in the RTD Coffee Market. Learn about some of our successes, a few of our failures, and how La Colombe will be looking to leverage flavors on our relentless pursuit of innovation.

Exhibitor Session

Sodium Reduction: Facts, New Guidelines and Solution Technologies

10:10 AM – 10:35 AM CST Session Sponsor: Gehring-Montgomery Inc. & MicroSalt Inc.

Speaker: Eirini Spilioti, Gehring-Montgomery Inc. and Victor Hugo Manzanilla, MicroSalt Inc.

There are 3 big problems with sodium that will force the industry to change forever. Why new governmental guidelines will push for sodium reduction as the next health trend. Which are the new sodium reduction technologies, pros and cons. A mechanical change in the NaCl particle is the game changer. Step to the forefront of sodium innovation in the flavor world!

Conference Session

Transportive Flavors Are The Escape Consumers Need

10:40 AM – 11:20 AM CST Session Sponsor: Petrolab Company

Speaker: Stephanie Mattucci, Mintel

Consumers are open to new flavors and ingredients, but the way they are learning about innovation is shifting. Brands can tap into transportive flavors to take people where they can’t physically go.

Conference Session

The Value of a Flavorist at a Consumer Package Goods Company

12:20 PM – 1:00 PM CST Session Sponsor: Berjé

Speaker: Paul Ricciardi, Campbell Soup Company

There are advantages for both parties when a flavorist is on staff at a CPG company. The company gets a subject matter expert who knows how to communicate with the flavor houses and can help navigate regulatory, supply or creative issues. The flavorist gets to network with a larger part of the flavor industry while getting a better view of the complete production process.

Conference Session

The Rise of The Meatless Juicy Burger: From Precooked to Post-Cooked Burger

8:00 AM – 8:50 AM CST Session Sponsor: Kalpsutra Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

Speaker: Dr. Nadji Rekhif, Nestlé

Increasing science and technology knowledge is driving the fast development and launch of new types of “cooked by the consumers” vegetarian meatless alternatives with the craving meaty flavor, texture and appearance to overcome the sensorial shortcoming of the commercially precooked vegan burgers.

Exhibitor Session

Beyond Flavor, Building an Authentic Sustainable Future for Taste

8:55 AM – 9:20 AM CST Session Sponsor: Kerry, the Taste & Nutrition Company

Speakers: Michel Aubanel, MSc, Kerry, the Taste & Nutrition Company; Rajesh Potineni, Kerry, the Taste & Nutrition Company; Melissa Muldowney, Kerry, the Taste & Nutrition Company and Dr. Kay Marshallsay, Kerry, the Taste & Nutrition Company

Consumers want food and beverages that are healthier and taste great while respecting the planet, and Kerry is at the forefront in anticipating and leading the industry’s response to this complex challenge. We invite you to learn how we apply science to food and beverages to create global sustainable taste solutions derived from real food foundations.

Conference Session

The Palette of Psychology: Practical Persuasion to Ethically Influence and Devilishly Delight

9:25 AM – 10:05 AM CST Session Sponsor: MilliporeSigma

Speaker: Ori Geshury, Aqua Vitae Institute

The Palette of Psychology will explore the suite of psychological tools to influence and delight your guests before a phenol ever reaches their nose, to put them in the best frame of mind to have an excellent experience, and enduring connection, to your product.

Exhibitor Session

Creating Stable Emulsions with Natural and Organic Ingredients

10:30 AM – 10:35 PM CST Session Sponsor: Nexira

Speaker: Garrett Lawlor, Nexira

Whether you are looking to achieve cost savings, create an organic product, or keep your emulsion stable in an alcoholic beverage, Nexira has an innovative range of solutions specifically designed for the Flavor & Beverage industries. Through this short video, discover Nexira's all-natural solutions that can help you stabilize from standard to challenging emulsions.

Conference Session

Flavor Forward: The Future of Flavor with MIT

10:40 AM – 11:20 AM CST Session Sponsor: IFF Ingredients

Speaker: John Wright, Independent Flavor Consultant

The MIT Innovation Lab consists of academics from MIT and Harvard, together with industry, government and NGO representatives. It focuses on innovation by users rather than the traditional approach of innovation by producers. This can be accomplished by two approaches: Lead Users and Toolkits. This presentation will look at ways Toolkits can be used in the flavor industry.

Conference Session

Cookies, Snacks and the Impact of COVID-19

12:20 PM – 1:00 PM CST

Speaker: Meredith Keiling, Campbell Snacks

Wondering how the CPG R&D community is pivoting over the last six months of working from home? I’ll share my point of view on cookie product development during COVID-19—including trends, changes in consumer behavior and how product developers are working with manufacturing plants and vendor partners.