Dominique Roques to Moderate Panel on Naturals at WPC 2024

Dominique Roques is the author of 'In Search of Perfumes' (Harper Via, 2023) and 'Le Parfum des Forêts' (Grasset, 2023).
Dominique Roques is the author of "In Search of Perfumes" (Harper Via, 2023) and "Le Parfum des Forêts" (Grasset, 2023).

Dominique Roques, author and president of Balsam Consulting, is set to moderate the "Naturals: What Does it Take to Source Sustainably?" panel on Wednesday, June 26, 2024, at the World Perfumery Congress.

The World Perfumery Congress (WPC) is heading to Geneva, Switzerland, June 24-27, 2024, at Palexpo. 

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  • Elisa Aragon, co-founder of Nelixia
  • Filip Lissicharov, CEO and owner at Enio Bonchev Production Ltd.
  • Raja Palaniswamy, director at Jasmine C.E. Pvt. Ltd.

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Session Description

The sourcing of natural ingredients for the perfumer’s palette has been going through major changes for the past 10 years. The growing awareness and expectations of a significant part of perfume consumers have driven our industry (F&F companies & brands) to investigate, question and drive improvements in producers’ practices at source. This has led to significant demands and a move towards third-party certifications. A few years down the road, our panel will discuss the situation with leading producers from North America, Europe and Asia. What is their vision and experience of this new certifications trend? Are certifications well suited to the social and environmental realities of their countries, and is the market ready to bear the extra cost resulting from such investigations?

With a major question pending: When a lot is required from these small or medium companies, are the expected benefits balanced between the market and the producers?

Dominique Roques

A French citizen, Dominique Roques studied Business Administration at HEC, Paris, and has been working for three decades in the sourcing of Natural ingredients for Perfumery. Working 20 years for Biolandes he has developed production units in Spain, Morocco, Bulgaria, Turkey and Madagascar, growing expertise in a range of products including Rose, Vanilla, Labdanum, Jasmine and Orange Flower. Joining Firmenich in 2009, he has been in charge of the global purchasing of Naturals, implementing an ambitious strategy around sustainable and ethical sourcing, creating Naturals Together, a gathering of 24 of the most advanced Naturals producers around the world. Since 2022, he has set up his consulting firm, Balsam Consulting, partnering with some of the most prestigious brands in Fine Fragrance. Roques is the author of "In Search of Perfumes" (Harper Via, 2023) and "Le Parfum des Forêts" (Grasset, 2023).

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