Consumers Like It Hot at Flavorcon 2018


As more consumers are willing to try new and bold flavors, they are increasingly looking for flavors that are not only spicy but with a bit of heat. At Flavorcon 2018, John Weaver, marketing fellow for Spice and Herb Flavor Extracts, will be exploring how you can add a bit of heat in your flavors with his presentation, “The Heat is On! The World of Specialty Chili Peppers.”

During his presentation on November 13, 2018, he will look at all things specialty peppers, their pungency, flavor profiles, and applications in cuisines. He will discuss the difference between each specialty pepper and how they each have a unique heat level, color, flavor and size. Additionally, he will showcase global cuisines that use specialty peppers and how they can be used as inspiration to create authentic ethnic flavor profiles. 

“Specialty peppers allow customers the ability to provide consumers with a new depth to their heat experience,” said John Weaver, executive director of product management at Spice & Herb Flavor Extracts. “Consumers are looking for more transparency and are relating to more specific pepper varieties for flavor, heat and authenticity.”  

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