Natural Materials Hot Topic at BSF 2015 Table Talk Exhibition


Natural materials were again the hot topic at The British Society of Flavourists’ (BSF) seventh “Table Talk Exhibition” held on March 5 at the Barbizon Palace Hotel in Amsterdam, which featured a total of 176 attendees from 79 companies and academia.

A record 25 exhibiting companies that presented 200 products throughout the course of the day. Some of the most notable flavoring substances mentioned in feedback forms were natural alpha-ionone and natural indole from Advanced Biotech; natural prenyl mercaptan from Axxence Aromatics; natural massoia lactone from IFF LMR Naturals; natural nootkatone from De Monchy and Omega Ingredients; natural 2-octen-4-one from Riverside Aromatics; natural nonanoic acid from Sigma Aldrich; and natural acetoin acetate from O’Laughlin Corporation.

Other products that caught the attention of flavorists were a beer extract from Destilla Flavours & Extracts; a coconut oleoresin from Cornelius; helichrysum absolute (50% ethanol) from Payan Bertrand; buchu leaf oil (Betulina) from Lluch Essence; tea and coffee extracts from Finlay Extracts; and citrus oils from Capua, Lionel Hitchens and Lluch Essence.

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