Non-Traditional Fragrance Opportunities

The Scent Marketing Institute will be holding its first global conference on the use of scent in marketing, branding, printing & packaging, retail & interior design, the hospitality industry and beyond, from June 29 through July 1 at the Marriott Marquis Times Square, New York. This event will expose attendees to the merits and scope of scent marketing and provide practical how-to strategies. Attendees will learn how industry leaders and entrepreneurs are putting scent to good and profitable use in their own businesses. 

The first day, June 29, consists of registration and a networking reception. On June 30, there will be seminars with a variety of expert speakers, including Alan Hirsch and John van Roemburg. These seminars will follow four different tracks of topics: 1. branding, advertising and fragrance media; 2. scents that make sense; 3. creating, selling and living in scented environments; and 4. future trends and developing markets. 

The final day is designed as an in-depth "how to" program on: 

  • understanding the latest olfactory science and research 
  • finding or creating the right scent for your purpose 
  • the conception and implementation of scent marketing and branding strategies 
  • identifying and understanding the appropriate scent delivery technologies 
  • using scent in various areas and vertical markets 
  • learning about future applications and market opportunities 
  • building a successful business model

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