Inside IFT Part 2—Show Floor Innovations

The Institute of Food Technologists’ 2007 Expo ( will take place July 29-31 at Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center, offering a glimpse at the latest materials and equipment, applications, and innovative tastes.

Visit P&F at Booth 5432.

Aromatech Group (Booth 326), which reportedly devotes 10% of turnover to R&D, will show off a range of organic certified sweet and savory flavors for applications such as confectionary, bakery, dairy, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

David Michael & Co. (Booth 1353) will highlight vanilla flavors both in savory foods and dessert beverages. The company will demonstrate the ever-expanding limits of the material with a wild mushroom vanilla cream sauce on chicken and white chocolate forest cake beverage.

Naturex (Booth 939) will be showing off its NAT’Arom range, including spices and herbs, oleoresins and essential oils. The line has been extended with flavoring extracts such as chicory, licorice and tamarind. These rapidly water-soluble extracts are appropriate use for soups, ready-to-drink beverages and dry powder mixes.

PT Haldin Pacific (Booth 5433) will present a number of its extracts, including coffee, green tea and black tea.

SAFC Supply Solutions (Booth 1310), a supplier of more than 1,700 aromatic raw materials, will be displaying its range of products, including essential oils and naturals.

Shimadzu (Booth 4415) will be highlighting its new GCMS-QP2010, which features automatic adjustment of retention time, fast automated scan/SIM technique and creation of automatic SIM table. In addition, the company will display its new “Flavors and Fragrances Natural and Synthetic Compounds” library, containing about 1,200 mass spectra of natural and synthetic flavor and fragrance compounds. The library also boasts automatic LRI calculations for unknown sample peaks and a library search that compares library spectra and LRI data with unknown compounds.

Stepan Food & Health Specialties (Booth 1858) will display a pair of fat-soluble flavor carriers that feature low viscosity, oxidative stability and good organoleptic properties. The materials are certified kosher and GMO- and trans fat-free. Neobee Medium Chain Triglycerides are water-white, slightly polar and can dissolve substances not typically soluble in fats and oils. They can also act as clouding agents in beverages. DREWPOL 3-5-CC, also derived from medium chain fatty acids, has the higher viscosity and lower freeze point of the two materials—100 cP and -40°C, respectively.

Treatt USA (Booth 4118) will launch two new additions to its 100% natural Treattarome range: Tamarind Treattarome and Rooibos Treattarome. In addition, the company will officially launch Green Tea Treattarome 9767 onto the US market. These materials are intended for a number of applications, including dairy products, dressings and alcoholic drinks. Treatt USA will also introduce its Eartharome and Eartholate organic distillates and isolates. Eartharome materials are derived from organic named food while Eartholate ingredients are obtained from essential oils. Both ranges find use in a number of flavor blend applications for organic products. Finally, Treatt USA will display a number of new natural fractions, both citrus and non-citrus.

New flavor/fragrance materials?

If your company has introduced any new flavor or fragrance raw materials recently, we would love to include them in P&Fnow or in Perfumer & Flavorist magazine's Product Focus section. Send the specification sheets [including FEMA# and CAS# (if applicable), odor/taste description, suggested uses, etc.] to Kelly Frederick at; fax: 1-630-597-0118.

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