IFT 2007: Focus on Scientific Sessions

Located in the heart of the United States, Chicago is known for its Magnificent Mile, critically-acclaimed restaurants, museums, architecture and more. People attending the Institute of Food Technologists’ 2007 Annual Meeting & Food Expo will have a chance to explore Chicago from July 28–August 1. More than 23,000 top food science and industry professional will convene this year to learn about and share the latest trends and product developments, making this year’s theme—“The Best of Food Thinking 2007”—appropriate.

With short courses, symposiums, scientific sessions, poster sessions and the food expo, there are plenty of options to keep attendees busy. To view the full schedule, click here

Here, P&Fnow highlights just a few of the flavor-related scientific sessions taking place during the event:

Sunday, July 29, 4:20–4:35 PM: Mark Zoller (Senomyx Inc.) will be discussing “A Molecular Understanding of Taste.” In his research, he has used receptor-based research and development process to improve the ability to find novel flavor enhancers and taste modulators over the tradition use of simple taste tests.

Monday, July 30, 8:30–10:05 AM: A symposium on “How Can E-nose/Tongue Improve Product Development & Quality Control?” will be held to discuss the working principle and performance of the e-nose/tongue and some applications of these analyzers either for quality control or product development. The speakers include Ross Clark (CP Kelco), Seong Jae Yoo (Martek Biosciences Corp.), Luis Jurado (Monsanto) and Jean-Christophe Mifsud (Alpha MOS).

Tuesday, July 31, 2:00–5:30 pm: The Food Chemistry Poster Session 3 (held in Hall A) will cover flavors and analysis. Among the many displaying their research are: Maribel Jimenez (Universidad Veracruzana) on “Analysis of volatile aroma compounds and physical properties of Chipotle pepper (Capsicum annuum var. annuum) during the drying”; Sheue Lei Lock (Iowa State University) on “Flavor characteristics of soy flour modified by proteases and alpha-galactosidase hydrolysis”; and Jeffrey Greene (North Carolina State University) on “Characterization of flavor profiles and volatile compounds responsible for natural and artificially created fruity/fermented off-flavor in peanuts.”

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