SFC Meeting Report

The 363rd meeting of the Society of Flavor Chemists was held on September 14, in Newark, NJ. Presentations by Mark Dewis (IFF) and Peihua Jiang (Mount Sinai School of Medicine) provided information regarding taste perception. Dewis discussed amide functionality, using the correlation of molecular structure and flavor activity to research the taste sensations of sweet, cooling, warming and tingling that these compounds provide. Jiang presented research that examined the sweet taste receptor in mice and man.

During the business meeting, the following members were voted into the SFC: new member: Anthony Paganelli, certified; member upgrades (from apprentice to certified member): Martin Preininger, Eric Robbins and Kathi Sparks.

The meeting culminated with the presentation of the Golden Blotter Award to Frank Fischetti. Past president Veronica McBurnie invited members and guests to speak about and tell stories of Fischetti’s contributions to the field of flavor chemistry, to the SFC, and to the training of and sharing of his knowledge with the many society members he has worked with.

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