[Update] Givaudan at Perfumery for the New Normal Now on Demand

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Felix Mayr-Harting, head of fine fragrances, and Rodrigo Flores-Roux, master perfumer, represented Givaudan during their respective panel discussions at the Perfumery for the New Normal virtual event.

Felix Mayr-Harting, head of fine fragrances at Givaudan, participating in the “Fragrance Leadership During COVID-19” panel at the Perfumery for the New Normal virtual event, now available on deamnd, where industry leaders discussed how they view the impacts of COVID-19 and the future of fragrance.

During the panel Mayr-Harting remarked on diversity and inclusion: "This is clearly such an important subject. We know that we're a better company, a more human company, but also better for results, when we are a diverse and inclusive company where all people can thrive and find their place and contribute. I would say also we know that we can do more and we know that we can do better."

Mayr-Harting has been the global head of fine fragrances at Givaudan since 2008. Prior to this role, Mayr-Harting oversaw the consumer products business of Givaudan in North America. Mayr-Harting studied Classics at Oxford University and started his career as a Unilever trainee at Quest International, holding varied roles in sales and marketing in Paris, New York and the United Kingdom until the company was acquired by Givaudan.

Rodrigo Flores-Roux, master perfumer at Givaudan, took part in the “Fragrance Creativity in Unprecedented Times” panel, featuring senior perfumers discussing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on materials, the supply chain and more; shifting consumer scent preferences; how COVID-19 has impacted sustainability and natural ingredients; and the ways in which COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of fragrance and more. 

Flores-Roux touched on the differences COVID-19 has made on certain markets: "I was very appreciative of the fact that this cocooning, this going back into yourself, etc., did have an enormous positive impact in the appreciation of fragrance in the house. For example, in Mexico, the candle market is not very big, and now it's exploding."

After more than two decades of experience in the industry, Flores-Roux has acquired profound knowledge of his craft, but what makes his style so thoroughly original is the high-voltage energy and exuberance he brings to his work. His fragrances have complex personalities, a sensual interplay of nuances, exhilarating storylines and, of course, his passionate touch.

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