ADM Announces Water Intensity, Landfill Waste Reduction Goals

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ADM has announced new plans to reduce water intensity and increase its landfill diversion rate by 2035 in an effort to reduce the company’s environmental footprint.

ADM has announced new commitments to reduce water intensity by 10% and achieve a 90% landfill diversion rate by 2035 as part of its plan to continue to reduce the company’s environmental footprint.

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The commitments were announced as part of the company’s Corporate Sustainability Report, which also includes updates on ADM’s overall sustainability journey.

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Earlier this year, ADM announced plans to reduce absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 25% and energy intensity by 15% during the same timeframe. In addition, ADM will develop water reduction plans for high-risk and water-scarce areas.

The new targets align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and will be achieved through reusing and recycling water and finding alternative uses for waste. They follow ADM’s original “15x20” plan, unveiled in 2011, in which the company committed to per-unit improvements in energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, water and waste to landfill by 2020. As detailed in the Corporate Sustainability Report, ADM achieved all of these benchmarks ahead of schedule.

“The importance of these commitments becomes even clearer amid an unprecedented challenge such as the COVID-19 pandemic,” said chairman and CEO Juan Luciano. “Companies like ADM are playing a critical role in supporting and maintaining the global food chain. And while we are focused on operating safely and effectively today, we cannot lose sight of tomorrow. Even amid these global challenges, we are continuing our work to ensure that ADM and the natural resources on which we depend remain strong and vital in the years to come.”

“We know that the health of our natural resources is critical to our future, and that our commitments to sustainable practices will result in a stronger ADM and a better world,” Luciano said. “We are proud to be the go-to sustainable sourcing partner for our customers, and more widely, we are committed to driving change through good practices, progressive solutions and mindful actions that make a positive impact.”