Patrick Dunphy, PhD, MRSC, holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Liverpool, UK. His background is in plant biochemistry, food microstr­ucture and flavor science. He worked as a senior scientist with Unilever R&D in both the UK and the Netherlands on food microstr­ucture and flavor research for over 30 years specializing in real time in-nose flavor release from emulsion systems. His next role was with UK-based Danisco R&D for three years, where he specialized in all aspects of flavor science, including vanilla science and curing. He then joined Firmenich R&D in Geneva, Switzerland, as a principal scientist for a period of two and a half years where he continued to expand all aspects of traditional and controlled curing of vanilla beans.

He is currently an independent vanilla and flavor consultant with hands-on experience in all areas of vanilla science and curing with clients in Kampala, Uganda, Kerela in India and in the Antalaha District of Madagascar. Dunphy is also a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry.