Symrise Named Supply Chain Management Award Finalist

Symrise AG, with its sustainable vanilla sourcing, has been nominated as one of the four finalists for the Supply Chain Management Award.

The Supply Chain Management Award is awarded annually to the best value creation chain in the manufacturing industry and is bestowed by the management consulting division of the auditing and consulting firm PwC, the specialist magazine Logistik Heute, the Institute for Supply Chain Management (ISCM) and the House of Logistics & Mobility (HOLM) e.V. The award honors intelligent and innovative solutions that significantly enhance a company’s competitive position and take on a pioneering role in the industry. According to the jury, Symrise is one of these companies.

Symrise was recognized for its sustainable sourcing approach in addition to its innovative solution for tracking products from source to customer. The jury selected the four finalists from more than 20 candidates – all of whom were subject to two preliminary rounds which included an on-site visit. Symrise concentrated on its approach to the vanilla supply chain. The company has been involved to supporting vanilla cultivation in Madagascar for years and works directly with the farmers from the East African island nation (read more about vanilla in Madagascar in P&F's August 2003 issue).

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