Symrise Expands UEBT Membership to Entire Organization


Symrise AG has successfully passed Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT) membership assessment, and is expanding its UEBT membership to the entire corporation.

Symrise Madagascar and Brazil have been UEBT members for a few years; during this time, they have implemented several comprehensive programs designed to promote sustainable cultivation and collection practices for natural raw materials, as well as socioeconomic support for local farmers and collectors.

As a precondition to becoming a global UEBT member, the company passed a membership assessment where adherence of its biodiversity policy commitments and ethical sourcing system with the key indicators of the UEBT Ethical BioTrade Standard were verified. Additionally, Symrise has developed plans to continuously improve its management systems and procedures to promote positive impact for people and biodiversity across its entire business ecosystem.

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“If we look beyond scientific definitions, ‘biological diversity’ stands for ‘nature’ and ‘the variety of life,” said Sascha Liese, corporate sustainability manager and biodiversity expert at Symrise. “In other terms, biodiversity ensures nutrition, delivers good taste, promotes health, supports wellbeing, creates beauty, inspires human culture, and touches the senses. And this is exactly what our business model is all about.”

“Our ambition is to set the standard, pace and direction for sustainable sourcing practices across the entire F&F industry,” adds Hans Holger Gliewe, chief sustainability officer. “Together with likeminded partners, such as the Union for Ethical BioTrade, we want to create blueprints for our industry and expect others to follow on our journey towards making our planet a better place for people and biodiversity.”

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