Symrise Diana Pet Food Expands Palatability Measurement Services

The new panel will host 40 adopted cats and kittens to test Panelis food and treats.
The new panel will host 40 adopted cats and kittens to test Panelis food and treats.

Symrise Diana Pet Food is expanding its palatability measurement services for cat food in North America within the Panelis measurement center.

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The Panelis measurement center currently offers Versus and Kinetics testing methodologies for dry cat food, as well as monadic tests for cat treats. Following market trends and customer expectations, the company decided to build two additional cat panels of 40 cats each. One of the panels, dedicated to dry food and treats, will qualify for Liking tests on top of Versus tests for kibbles, allowing to focus on the animals’ preference and also on enjoyment during mealtime. The other panel will dedicate itself to wet food palatability testing.

The design of the additional building, completed in early June 2021, provides an optimal environment to ensure best-in-class cat’s well-being while using innovative techniques for pet food performance measurement. The new panel members, a mix of kittens adopted form the local humane society and pure breed cats, are now discovering their new home. The pets are currently going through their qualification phase which forms the last step before these kittens become official Panelis tasters.

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