Arylessence Announces Laundry Innovation Group

Perfumers from Arylessence are forming a laundry group under the guidance of vice president of fragrance research Bruce Garlick. The group will work on fragrances for laundry detergents and pods, and fabric softeners and refreshers. It will also develop technologies to keep the fragrance in clothes. Consumer trends and marketing experts are also part of the team to help position the laundry products in the lifestyle market.

"Fragrance represents 75% of the consumer impact of a laundry product," says Steve Tanner, president of Arylessence. "A beautiful laundry fragrance not only creates a powerful consumer connection, but also is the key to long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty."

This news comes on the heels of Wixon's announcement that it will relaunch its consumer products division. Perfumer & Flavorist will be keeping an eye out to see if more companies will grow to full-service.

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