Omega Ingredients Celebrates 10-year Anniversary


Omega Ingredients Ltd. celebrated its 10th anniversary this month by offering a series of “Open Days” for international customers, suppliers and chefs to participate in. At the Open Day events, attendees met teams that had created and supplied product ingredients and were also invited to observe the technical process of developing new flavors.

Omega Ingredients founder Steve Pearce said the company’s technical team relished the challenges of sourcing and creating bespoke ingredients, including an outer space scent and a scent said to be that of Cleopatra’s hair. “Our work takes us all around the world, sourcing suppliers (often individual farmers and growers) in places like China, South Africa and Asia,” Pearce commented. “It’s because we travel regularly in order to maintain strong relationships with our own suppliers that Omega Ingredients’ supply chain is so trusted by even the largest manufacturers. I’m very proud of our whole team and would like to thank them, our customers and suppliers for their part in our business success.”

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