Symrise Launches Perfumery School

Symrise (Holzminden, Germany) launched its new perfumery school in Holzminden to help expand the company’s core competencies in training and fragrance development. For this initial launch, the school has five new students who will train as perfumers in the three-year program, which includes two years at the school and an additional year in the field.

Achim Daub, Symrise’s global president of scent and care, opened the new facilities for in a formal ceremony. The school will provide students with a theoretical grounding in perfumery with the chance to study some 2,500 ingredients, as well as the knowledge on how to create complex fragrance compositions, how individual fragrances interact and how to incorporate them into various applications. Additionally, the program will concentrate on the practical component of perfumers’ training, helping students learn how to recognize individual raw materials by their fragrance and single them out in fragrance compositions.

At the facility, experienced perfumers will be on hand to provide support for the students. Marc vom Ende, senior perfumer at Symrise, heads up the school and serves as the primary contact person, and he is supported by a variety of master and senior perfumers teaching in their particular areas of expertise.

The curriculum will cover raw materials, basic fragrance harmonies, fragrance families, classic fine fragrances and increasingly complex harmonies. In addition to learning about the fragrances used in household products and products for personal and textile care applications, students will also study how fragrances interact in products. They will then leave Holzminden and move on to Symrise sites all over the world to help develop projects and hone their own styles.

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