Givaudan Adds to Board of Directors, Issues Stock Dividend

Givaudan (Vernier, Switzerland) held its annual general meeting on March 24, 2011, reviewing and approving the 2010 annual financial report and conducting other business with 306 shareholders or proxies (representing 41.5% of total shares) present.

During the meeting, in addition to discharging some members, Lilian Fossum Binder was elected to the board of directors for a three-year term, while Henner Schierenbeck was elected for a term of one year, and Nabil Sakkab was re-elected for a further three years. The meeting also saw the acceptance of two changes to article 13 of the company’s articles of incorporation, allowing flexible terms of office between one and three years and allowing the increase of the number of board members from seven to a maximum of nine.

The distribution of CHF21.50 per share to shareholders was also approved, and Deloitte SA was re-elected as auditors for the financial year 2011.

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