Givaudan Continues Direct Presence at Source of Patchouli Production

Givaudan, in continuing its strategy to secure and protect natural perfumery ingredients, has established a patchouli collection network on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi in addition to the exclusive farming partnership agreement with GaiaOne Sdn Bhd and Gaya Naturals Sdn Bhd in Borneo announced last year.

Throughout the year, Givaudan field buyers are present on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, working with local farmers and distillers. The field teams use tablets to collate information about the crops and oils purchased in the Givaudan-developed I-Source program, which the company said enables efficient monitoring of the collection activity and gives insight that deepens knowledge of the market and facilitates swift adjustments, should they be required, to protect quality or supply.

On the northeast of the island of Borneo in Malaysia, complementing the Indonesian collection network, an exclusive farming partnership agreement for the same ingredient has been initiated with a large land owner. With its farm and a dedicated distillation plant, this open-air laboratory enables Givaudan to develop special, totally traceable qualities of essential oil especially for perfumers. Givaudan has financed plantation machinery, production equipment, as well as new homes for the workers.

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