Givaudan Continues Strategy to Secure, Protect Patchouli Oil Production

Givaduan has implemented two patchouli oil initiatives as part of its continued strategy to secure and protect natural perfumery ingredients.

Givaudan’s procurement origination team is now established on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, Indonesia and has connected with hundreds of individual patchouli oil producers to form a collection network. Advice and support in the techniques of harvesting, preparing and distilling patchouli is also provided, in order to increase oil quality and yield. The field teams use tablets to collate information about the crops and oils purchased in the Givaudan-developed I-Source program.

It has also formed an exclusive farming partnership with GaiaOne Sdn Bhd and Gaya Naturals Sdn Bhd on the island of Borneo, Malaysia, as announced in January 2014. With its farm and a dedicated distillation plant, this open-air laboratory enables Givaudan to develop special, totally traceable qualities of essential oil especially for perfumers. Givaudan has financed plantation machinery, production equipment, as well as new homes for workers.

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