Mane Launches Soy Off-note Masking Technology

Mane (Le Bar-sur-Loup, France) has launched its trademarked Sense Capture Soy technology as a part of its larger vegetable and animal protein activities.

Sense Capture Soy masks soy off notes in meat applications, according to the company. The off-note masking allows formulators to maintain a meatlike texture and sensory impact in products in which vegetable proteins are used in functional or textural form. 

According to Mane, the "solution [is] specifically formulated to mask the parasitic compounds undesirable to the final consumer"

The company notes, "While the utilization of vegetable proteins in meat applications has a lot of advantages, they represent a true challenge on the flavoring side as a result of the off notes they generate. More importantly, one must remember that a perceptible taste difference can and will be perceived according to the quality of the chosen texturized vegetable proteins; i.e. the lower the quality, the higher the off-notes perceived."

Eric Davodeau, savory category manager at Mane, says, “Today, our technologies enable us to offer solutions that will specifically mask the off notes coming from soy vegetable proteins without a flavor overload. We wanted to develop a flavor that will, in the end, allow to have a final taste the closest to the one that the consumer is looking for, the 100% meat taste."

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