CPL Perfumers Gathered for a Week of Creativity in South America

The CPL Aromas worldwide team of creative perfumers gathered in Bogota Colombia during November for the biennial perfumers conference organized to promote creativity and idea exchange among the company’s worldwide perfumery team.

The event was held over four days at the BOG hotel in Bogota and delegates discussed the latest trends in perfumery across their geographic regions and showcased some of their latest creations. The team worked on creations for a range of projects that included the development of a new range of Ecoboost fragrances and Aromaguard products.

The perfumers were also encouraged to create truly creative fragrances with no cost restraints and no particular project in mind. For these creations, there was to be a prize awarded for the most innovative and creative fragrance. The first prize was awarded to Lam Si Chung of CPL Aromas Hong Kong for his Ecoboost creation Lychee Oudh.

Chung was presented with a duplicate of the Camilo Bernal commemorative plaque that was specially commissioned by the company to celebrate the life and achievements of Camilo Bernal, CPL Colombia’s creative perfumer who died in November 2012. Chung will keep this award for two years until it is presented to the next winner of the award in 2016 at the next perfumery conference.

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