Prolitec Gets Tech Patent for AirQ Ambient Scenting Systems

Prolitec Inc. (Milwaukee) has received a technology patent for its AirQ ambient-scenting systems. The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office granted the company a patent last month for its method of controlling the operation of a diffusion appliance to treat the atmosphere within an enclosed space.

Utilized in retail stores, hotels, casinos, spas, fitness centers and other commercial entities in more than 90 countries, Prolitec’s AirQ systems convert aqueous or non-aqueous liquids into plumes of ultra-fine droplets measuring about one micron in diameter. The droplets rapidly transition to a dry vapor uniformly distributed throughout indoor spaces. AirQ’s on-board computer, which functions independently or in conjunction with a building’s HVAC unit, controls the system and gives users the ability to precisely adjust the intensity and occurrence of the scent effect.


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