Chi-Tang Ho Receives 2012 FEMA Excellence in Flavor Science Award

The Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association (FEMA) has named Chi-Tang Ho as the recipient of the 2012 FEMA Excellence in Flavor Science Award. 

He is scheduled to speak on Oct. 23 at the FEMA Excellence in Flavor Science Luncheon during FEMA's 2012 Fall Symposium at the Hyatt Regency in Jersey City, NJ.

Ho is recognized around the world for his efforts to better understand the complex chemical reactions among amino acids, peptides and proteins with simple carbohydrates, known as the Maillard reactions. He sits on the editorial boards of a dozen food science journals and has served as chair of the Division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry of the American Chemical Society. In addition, he has won numerous awards for his work and published more than 360 papers and articles.

Ho's career as a researcher and professor at Rutgers University began in the 1970s. His current research interests focus on the antioxidant and anti-cancer properties of natural products. 

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