Symrise Conducts European Consumer Taste Study

Symrise AG (Holzminden) has conducted a consumer study examining consumer preferences in four European countries. 

“We delved deeper into specific product categories to more precisely understand the brand DNA of pleasure and to enrich our knowledge of specific pleasure moments in related main flavor areas,” said Sandra Corneau, Symrise's sensory and consumer Insights director EAME flavor and nutrition. “This allows us to develop innovative products with and for our key customers.

The Pure Pleasure consumer study is a cross-category consumer research in which Symrise is using the findings to develop ideas for new products together with its customers. The study found that certain things are considered pleasurable across national borders, while others are more regionally defined. In order to examine this more closely, Symrise conducted a qualitative consumer study and cracked the pleasure DNA for eating and drinking.

The study involved pleasure diaries from consumers in France, the United Kingdom, Germany and Russia. The study found that pleasure is what results from the interplay of all kinds of food delights and social and family occasions—practically anytime and anywhere. Previously published reports and online community dialogs also support the company's findings. The study revealed key benchmark data relating to food and drink pleasure. Intensity of pleasure is linked to certain key dimensions; on the whole, these dimensions can be clustered within three platforms: my surrounding, myself and the product.

Taste for Life is Symrise's strategic platform which focuses on the consumer and preferences. In all areas, authentic and natural foods with a real pleasure factor are very popular. Pure Pleasure, the company says, shows that the trend of healthy and functional food is continuing to gain momentum.

Symrise is offering a two-stage workshop to examine its food and pleasure concepts. During the initial inspiration day, the participants develop immediate "pleasure opportunities" for existing products. In a second ideation workshop, cross-functional teams develop customized approaches. The company believes this can increase the pleasure aspect of existing products and help to develop new pleasurable products by fine-tuning the dimensions, moments and consumer types to specific product categories and countries.

"Pure Pleasure enables us to efficiently identify consumer trends and give our key customers specifically tailored advice," said Hamish Taylor, Symrise's vice president of strategic business development. "It also demonstrates that Symrise understands food and drink pleasure in all its many facets and that we can therefore provide just the right flavor for each product,” he added. 

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