Fontarome Pursues Aggressive Growth

Fontarome Chemical (St. Francis, WI), having doubled its workforce over the last 12 months, is boosting its manufacturing capabilities. The company is readying to bring a new 4-ton hydrogenator on line, providing "five times the production power of the current unit," according to a company statement. The installation of the 1,200-gallon hydrogenator comes in the wake of new closed-loop water cooling and 6,000-gallon cryogenic liquid nitrogen storage/distribution systems.

"As new chemistries develop, the hydrogenation process becomes more important," said Dave Johnson, a Fontarome plant engineer.

Of the expansion, Fontarome president Carl Sheeley said, "By extending our catalytic hydrogenation capabilities, we are uniquely positioned to manufacture commercial quantities of some interesting ingredients for the pharma and flavor and fragrance industries."

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