Frutarom and Ramot to Produce Cinnamon Extract

Frutarom (Haifa, Israel) and Ramot, the technology transfer company of the Tel Aviv University, have signed an exclusive agreement to produce an extract from cinnamon with antiviral properties. The patent pending technology developed by Michael Ovadia demonstrates the cinnamon extract’s ability to neutralize a broad range of viruses that cause infectious diseases in both humans and animals, such as human and avian influenza, herpes (HSV-1) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1). In addition, this extract boosts the immune system against viruses.

The agreement with Ramot gives Frutarom an exclusive global license to commercialize the technology in order to manufacture and market the natural extract. The company intends to market this product to the nutraceutical, functional food, health food and animal feed industries and to further develop the product as a drug for humans and animals as part of Frutarom’s natural product offering.

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