Senomyx & Solae to Enhance Soy Protein Flavor

Senomyx Inc. and The Solae Co. have entered into a collaborative agreement for the discovery, development and commercialization of novel flavor ingredients intended to enhance the taste characteristics of soy proteins. Senomyx Inc. is focused on using proprietary technologies to discover and develop novel flavor ingredients for the packaged food and beverage industry, while Solae—a joint venture with DuPont and Bunge Ltd.—is a supplier of soy protein for food-based products. The collaboration between Solae and Senomyx aims to develop new bitter blockers that better modulate and control bitterness in certain soy-based products. The agreement includes a collaborative period during which the companies will seek to discover and develop new systems that enhance the flavor of soy proteins. Under the licensing agreement, Solae will have exclusive worldwide use of the flavor ingredients in virtually all categories of foods and beverages that contain added soy protein. Solae will fund the discovery and development of these flavor systems, and Senomyx will be entitled to certain milestone and royalty payments.

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