Two Families Become One: A.M. Todd Acquires Moore

With the acquisition of Moore Ingredients by A.M. Todd, announced just last week, these two family-run flavor companies became one, strengthening each other’s capabilities. As part of the acquisition, Moore will retain its identity, staff and location, as a division of A.M. Todd.

Benefits for each: With the creation of Taste Advantage in 2006 and now the acquisition of Moore Ingredients, A.M. Todd continues to expand in size and scope, with each new acquisition enhancing, and expanding outside of, the company’s portfolio. One of the key strengths that Moore Ingredients brings to the table is its organic/natural segment. “The knowledge, experience and reputation of Moore in the organic sector will help our entry into this fast-growing category,” explains A.M. Todd’s flavors and ingredients division president Raymond Hughes. “The acquisition also provides a separate production location for non-mint products and augments our creative capabilities.”

For Moore Ingredients, A.M. Todd contributes “the management experience our growth requires and the increased capabilities our customers demand,” says Moore Ingredients’ director of product development Tony Moore. In addition, the mutual respect that each company has for the other will help the communication and working relationship. “This is a great opportunity for both our customers and our employees,” says Moore. “I am proud to be associated with the Todd family name. The Todds have a very inspiring family story. For our customers, the familiar voices and faces they trust will remain the same, but they will also meet some new folks that will allow us to better serve them.”

With over 100 years of experience in the industry, there likely will be more acquisitions for A.M. Todd in the future. “We always examine ways in which we can provide more value to the markets we serve,” states Hughes. The goal of the company is to make sure that every action it takes is in line with its vision statement: “To be a recognized source of unique taste solutions that add value to the strategic brands of our targeted customers, in the confectionary, oral care and beverage categories.”

Industry-wide consolidation: Acquisitions, mergers and consolidation are certainly not a rare thing to see in the flavor and fragrance industry today. While both Moore and Hughes agree that consolidations will continue for the immediate future, both see a silver lining. “We believe that small and medium-sized companies will be capable of competing effectively in the marketplace if they have global reach, as A.M. Todd does,” says Hughes. As is the case with this acquisition, Moore believes that “consolidations are not a bad thing if they are meant to address specific customer and consumer needs.” He further states that he’s “hoping to see our industry grow from being reactionary and resistant to change, to truly looking forward towards possibilities and recognizing consumer interests.”

Thankfully, the acquisition of Moore Ingredients by A.M. Todd appears to bode well for both entities and its customers. As Moore says, “There are a lot of exciting ideas brewing, and the synergies between us will make for some very fun times ahead.”

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