2006 Industry Top 12* Plus: P&F magazine's Pathfinders

And then there’s that curious asterisk. Let’s start with the 12. Our 2006 list includes two extra spots to make room for a pair of key players hovering just outside the top spots. Frutarom and Robertet are interesting, innovative companies that deserve to be included among the industry’s leaders. A picture of where the industry is and where it’s heading wouldn’t be complete without their inclusion.
Now, about that asterisk. It is a near certainty that Mastertaste belongs among the Top 12. However, the company — or, rather, the parent company, Kerry Group — does not disclose firm sales data. So, instead of ranking the organization, we’ve included it as an unranked entity.

And, finally, we’re again including our list of P&F magazine Pathfinders — an unranked listing of companies that are doing important, noteworthy work, even if their relative sales figures don’t raise them into the Top 12. The list isn’t intended to be an exhaustive index of important companies as much as a snapshot of innovators. So read on and enjoy! A note on rankings and dollar conversions …

P&F magazine Top 12 rankings are based on 2005 sales data (including estimates) provided by John Leffingwell. US dollar sales are based on December 31, 2005, exchange rates, with the exception of Firmenich, which had a fiscal year ending in June 2005. For Firmenich, we used the June 30, 2005, exchange rates. If the December 31, 2005, exchange rate had been used, Firmenich dollar sales and market share would have been $1544.9 million and approximately 9.7 percent, respectively. Sales figures for 2005 are provided, when available.

Companies included: Givaudan, IFF, Firmenich, Symrise, Quest International, Takasago, Sensient, T. Hasegawa, Mane, Danisco, Robertet, Frutarom, Mastertaste, A.M. Todd, Shiono Koryo Kaisha Ltd., Treatt, Ungerer & Co., WILD Flavors Inc. 

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