Plant-based Protein Flavor Challenges and Opportunities at Flavorcon 2019


While much progress has been made in the purification of plant-based proteins and formulating with them, many flavor challenges are still present. To discuss these challenges and how to overcome them, Sudarshan Nadathur, chief global dairy flavorist for ADM Nutrition, will present on the topic at Flavorcon 2019.

Flavorcon speaker

During his Flavorcon presentation, he will discuss ways in which to address protein derived off-flavors and how to combat flavor loss associated with plant-based ingredients. Additionally, he will demonstrate how masking techniques can enhance a product’s taste and create a more appealing product for consumers.

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What is Flavorcon?

Flavorcon is a global, interactive conference and expo designed for scientists, flavorists, product developers and consumer packaged goods companies in the flavor creation and food & beverage industries.

Presented by Perfumer & Flavorist magazine, this uniquely tailored event will dive into organoleptic science & technology, ingredient trends, market insights, and product development. All presented by global thought leaders in the industry.

This two-day event will include a conference, an exhibition hall with 40+ booths and numerous networking opportun­­­­­ities. Attendees will gain industry insight and knowledge to create innovative flavors and sensory experiences in food and beverage products. 

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