How to Create Effective and Safe Grill Flavors?


As consumers continue to crave savory and smoky flavors, they are also becoming increasingly concerned about the safety of these flavors. Responding to consumer concerns, the EU announced in April 2018 that flavor ingredients grillin’ 5078 and grillin’ CB-200SF were banned. To discuss solutions to these recent regulations and consumer demands, Deepthi Weerasinghe of dP3 consulting will present at Flavorcon on how to create safe and effective grill flavors.

During “The Future of Grill Flavors: Overcoming Safety Concerns” presentation, Weerasinghe will cover how to create grill flavors that meet regulations and consumer preferences. He will discuss how to best analyze the flavors, how to reduce or prevent the formation of PHA and how regulatory and safety concerns are impacting this flavor segment. Additionally, he will look at some of the possible label challenges for natural and clean products. 

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