Strengthening Fragrance Partnerships at the World Perfumery Congress


The fragrance industry includes multiple stakeholders that ultimately have the same goal: creating innovative and safe products for consumers.

During the Petit WPC session on June 7, 2018, “A New IDEA to Strengthen Fragrance Industry Partnerships” session at the World Perfumery Congress, a panel of experts will discuss how The International Dialogue for the Evaluation of Allergens (IDEA) developed a global framework for assessing fragrance sensitizers through various partnerships and collaborations.

The panel comprised of Helmut Greim, M.D.; Matthias Vey, scientific director of IFRA; Veronique Scailteur, director external relations perfumes for Chanel; Neil Owen, head of analysis in regulatory affairs and product safety, fragrance for Givaudan; and Jim Bridges, will explore the project’s initiatives and how the organization developed the framework. Additionally, they will discuss how to improve the risk assessment of fragrance ingredients identified as allergens. 

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