Mark Your Calendars, March 21 is National Fragrance Day


With only four months into her role as president of the Fragrance Foundation, Linda Levy is working tirelessly to promote the association’s mission within and beyond the industry. During the Future of Fragrance breakfast on January 11, 2018, Levy explained that the purpose of the association is:

“To inspire the world through the world to discover the artistry and passion of fragrance.”

With a reignited mission statement, Levy shared several top priority initiatives with her audience which included professionals from suppliers, brands and retailers. Translating a fragrance experience into the digital realm has been an industry-wide endeavor from suppliers and brands. In response to the digitization of fragrance, Levy announced that the association will launch its trademarked National Fragrance Day on March 21.

"Fragrance Day can be anything that you want it to be," Levy explained, "And every year for the rest of our lives we are going to celebrate fragrance...We're going to launch a social [and] digital campaign."

With the launch of Fragrance Day, Levy hopes for suppliers, brands and retailers to join together to engage the industry, as well as promote discussions and experiences for consumers. Using social media as a platform to spark discussions with questions like "What was your first olfactive shock?" or "Where do you wear your fragrance?," it's an opportunity to essentially enhance and even redefine fragrance's role across the value chain.

"If we could start that conversation and lead it into March 21, oh what a conversation we could have about fragrance," Levy said.

Fragrance Day will have its own logo which can be used by retailers for merchandising and brand advertising.

Additionally, the Foundation will focus on a stronger social media presence, as well as more front-window and mural displays around New York City, and even a multisensory pop-up shop.

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