Marine Protein Hydrolysate: a Flavorcon Preview


Flavorcon takes place November 15–17, 2015, at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA; register now for best rates.

During a presentation at Flavorcon 2015, Firmenich will discuss how it is exploring new territory in delivering taste and nutrition by leveraging its strong expertise in seafood and flavors.

Marine protein hydrolysates (MPH), or marine peptides, represent the new frontier in the delivery of high nutritional value from sustainable sources.

Emerging science is showing how MPH in very low concentrations can complement whey proteins to enhance their nutritional value and functionality, and also effectively manage post-prandial glycemic index, support muscle growth and recovery and even improve and prolong satiety.

Flavor, Ingredient & Product Development Conference

Flavorcon, will provide the tools and information that formulators and product developers need to create smarter, better and differently.

This year’s event will include:

  • A Tabletop Exhibit of suppliers (updated)
  • Networking sessions
  • Impactful presentations from industry thought leaders

Other talks and speakers will include:

Propanediol as an Alternative Flavor Carrier
Naturally-derived propanediol, an alternative to petroleum-based propylene glycol and glycerin, can be used as a carrier for flavors and extracts. This presentation will report findings on various technical studies showing the performance of propanediol as a flavor carrier, including its solubility properties, preservative efficacy and flavor enhancement of some types of flavor chemicals. Propanediol is s-GRAS from the U.S. FDA, FEMA GRAS-approved and meets the quality specifications of USP-FCC and USP-NF. It is certified 100% bio-based by the USDA.

Steve Hurff, Vice President of Marketing & Sales, DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products

Rebooting Creativity for Flavor Development
Strategies for boosting creativity within flavor & product development teams, including a hands-on creation exercise.

Presented by: Marie Wright, Vice President and Chief Global Flavorist, Wild Flavors & Specialty Ingredients

New & Unique Flavor Ingredient Tasting Session
An interactive presentation, kicking off November 16 and 17, featuring a panel tasting/smelling session of new and novel flavor materials, with audience participation.

Presented by: Judith Michalski, Senior Flavorist, abelei flavors

Managing Your Manager
This talk will focus on how teams and organizations are structured to optimize flavor and product development processes; this session will also include an ingredient tasting/smelling session.

Presented by: John Wright, Independent Flavorist and Author

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