WFFC Takes a Swing at Risk Management


On March 10, 2020 the Women in Flavor and Fragrance Commerce, Inc. hosted a gathering of the Chicago chapter, in partnership with the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, at TopGolf in Schaumburg, Illinois.

The event included a presentation from Richard Pisano of Citrus & Allied: “Managing Risk When Purchasing Natural Products.”

Pisano’s presentation was highly apt and well received in the current pandemic climate. The main takeaways of his speech were to have a plan and to have a backup plan. He urged audience members to “develop strategy to avoid being caught without coverage,” because “when products go short, the only thing that matters is supply and there’s never enough inventory.”

With quarantines, air travel restrictions, mandated shutdowns and general tentativeness to travel even just outside our own homes, sourcing ingredients from halfway around the globe becomes a uniquely difficult task. Pisano recommended maintaining multiple sources from independent suppliers in separate locations and even separate hemispheres, if possible.

After the presentation, members headed out to the golfing bays and buffet tables. It should be noted that TopGolf did a commendable job of providing a safe and sanitary experience for all in attendance during this time of heightened precaution.

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