Flavor Analysis Course

Sensory Spectrum, Inc. will be conducting its Flavor Spectrum Descriptive Analysis course from April 17–19 in New Providence, NJ. The course covers the components of descriptive flavor analysis—the characteristics (qualitative), the intensity (quantitative), the timing (temporal), and the overall impressions. Attention is given to the physiology of taste and olfaction, the selection of panel members and application of descriptive analysis to the evaluation of specific products. Participants have the opportunity to practice tasting several types of products and thus understand how, with a common lexicon and a common intensity scale, individuals can communicate clearly and similarly about flavors. The course provides the basic elements of flavor training and the process of tasting. The course fee is $1,800 and for more information you can contact Sensory Spectrum, Inc.; tel: 1-908-376-7000; fax: 1-908-376-7040; www.sensoryspectrum.com.

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