37th ISEO

The 37th International Symposium of Essential Oils (ISEO) will take place in Grasse, France on September 10-13, 2006. This event reports the progress of research and applications in the field of essential oils. Each day of the three-day symposium will address different issues. The sessions will start on Monday, September 11 at 9:00 AM and end on Wednesday, September 13 at 12:30 PM.

Day one (Monday, September 11) will highlight the beneficial and adverse biological effects of essential oils, including the toxicological issues and regulatory aspects. Including in this day's speakers will be P. Garnon who will discuss the new REACH policy on chemicals and natural products at 11:30 AM. In the afternoon, an open discussion will be held to evaluate the potential risks and real benefits of essential oils.

Day two will focus on the innovative analytical methodologies, and results obtained thereby, in the domain of essential oils and related natural products. Starting the day off at 9:05 AM, K.-H. Kubeczka will provide an historical overview on analytical techniques in the field of essential oils during the last 40 years. At 3:15 PM, an open discussion will be held on the quantitative analysis of minor elements in essential oils and related complex mixtures -- a challenge for analytical chemists.

The third, and final, day will address the innovative processing technologies applied to essential oils and related natural products. This morning, B. Mompon will discuss the updating of extraction/purification technologies in the field.

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