Navigating the World of Smell and Taste Dysfunctions @ Flavorcon 2024

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Smell and Taste Dysfunctions

The president and executive director of the World Taste and Smell Association, Stephanie Feuer, will take the stage to discuss "Navigating the World of Smell and Taste Dysfunctions." 

"I used to love lemonade, but now it smells like toxic waste."

"Some of my favorite things now taste awful: chocolate, coffee, peanut butter, boiled eggs, anything grilled/toasted... strawberries and cherry tomatoes taste weird."

"I never thought toothpaste could taste rotten, but here we are."

These poignant statements reflect the experiences of some of the 27 million people still grappling with smell or taste loss after COVID-19. Even before the pandemic, 1 in 5 people 40+ in the U.S. reported some taste alteration. This enlightening session will delve into the terminology, meanings, and profound impacts of these all-too-common sensory challenges.

Attendees will hear a comprehensive overview of the most prevalent taste and smell dysfunctions and their myriad causes, from Alzheimer’s to cancer treatments, genetics to zinc deficiency. This session will also look at research on what triggers these distortions. Powerful narratives and anecdotes will illuminate everyday struggles from navigating "safe foods" to developing innovative coping strategies.

Attendees will gain a nuanced understanding of the personal toll of these challenges, as well as their impact on industries including food and beverage, hospitality, consumer goods and healthcare. The speaker will also share how the flavor industry might overcome this hurdle and how to approach a remedy from "safe" food products.


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👉🏽 Register now to set your flavor innovation agenda; 1-day passes are available, as are group rates.

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