Paris Fragrance Ingredient Exposition Highlights

The 2015 Salon International des Matieres Premieres pour la Parfumerie (International Exhibition of Raw Materials for Perfumery), organized by the Société Française des Parfumeurs, took place in June at Espace Champerret in Paris. The event featured a range of fragrance ingredient and service suppliers showing a wide variety of natural and synthetic ingredients for perfumery.

Natural Hearts

Ventos presented a wide range of materials, including labdanum heart, which resulted from molecular distillation. The material is sweet and heavy and has particular popularity in the Middle East. The company also presented cedarwood Atlas heart, which is processed to omit smoke notes, rendering a material that is notably balsamic.


IFF presented a range of ingredients, including the new amberwoody molecule, Amber Xtreme.a According to the company, the ingredient resulted from an experimental manipulation of galbanum molecules into an ether moiety. The resulting amber odorants led to the development of Amber Xtreme, which delivers its amber woody scent to applications such as fine fragrance, fabric care, personal care, home care and candles. The material reportedly combines well with ingredients such as ambrettolide, Ambermor, Cashmeran and Timbersilk.

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