Scent Design Manager

Arylessence is currently hiring a full-time scent design manager. This position requires a combination of knowledge and skills, including strong fragrance evaluation skills and excellent attention to detail. The ideal candidate would be a fragrance evaluation professional who is proficient in the use of fragrance management software. The position requires a person who is passionate, focused, motivated and imaginative. They must also enjoy a professional, fast-paced, team-oriented work environment

Position Description:

· Read and interpret customer projects and apply to company projects.

· Select fragrances either through the fragrance library or working with perfumery on new creation and/or modification.

· Evaluate and analyze technical performance of fragrances in various bases including emulsions, waxes and hydro-alcoholics.

· Maintain evaluation and product testing database.

· Motivate and aid the sales, perfumery and marketing departments in creative inspiration for fragrance development.

· Ongoing management of projects with all needed departments to ensure client satisfaction and sales.

· Continuation of market study (domestic and international) by category and odor type.

· Ability to familiarize with the fragrance philosophies of all major customers, product lines, fragrance preferences and testing protocols.

· Create and present new concepts.

Preferred Qualifications:

· Bachelor's degree in chemistry

Benefits Offered

· 401K





Contact [email protected] with application questions.

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