ADM to End Production of Dry Lysine in Early 2021

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Lysine is used to address the nutrient requirements of the animal and improve production performance for producers to deliver milk, meat and eggs to consumers.

ADM has announced that it will end production of dry lysine in the first half of 2021, focusing solely on customer needs for liquid and encapsulated lysine products.

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In addition, the company plans to continue to introduce new differentiated solutions for dairy cows, including NutriPass L, a encapsulated lysine product that delivers a consistent supply of metabolized lysine to the animal.

Pierre Joseph Paoli, president, Feed Ingredients and Additives said, "Animal nutrition is a growing and evolving industry, and as a global leader in this space, we’re proud to meet customer needs with modern, innovative products. We’re seeing good growth from existing and new customers, and we’ve received great feedback as we’ve worked closely with producers to transition them to our liquid lysine products and delivery systems, as well as to our innovative new encapsulated lysine products."

"Simultaneously, market conditions for dry lysine have eroded, as global industry capacity has expanded faster than demand," Paoli continued. "We are pleased to continue to invest to serve our customers with cutting-edge ingredients and services, while simultaneously refocusing and strengthening this segment of our Animal Nutrition business portfolio." 

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