[mini-webcast] At the Heart(wood) of Wellness: Sandalwood Chemistry Reimagined

Sep 15th, 2021
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With its bewitching complexity and comforting warmth, sandalwood lends its inimitable soul to a fragrance. Yet how is this so? By researching trace elements and discovering the connection between cultivation and chemistry, Quintis has developed a customisable olfactory profile akin to aged Mysore oil. Yet this is just the beginning. From sustainable plantations for reliable supply, to new ingredients and research that unlocks sandalwood’s cosmetic and holistic benefits, Quintis is reimagining sandalwood through research and innovation. Join pharmacologist and product development specialist Dr Danny Hettiarachchi as he delves into the romance, mysticism and chemistry of this ancient aromatic. As he shares his knowledge and points to the future, see how you can join the journey.
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