Symrise Expands in Nigeria, Opens Application Labs


Symrise has established its first application labs in Nigeria.

Located in Lagos, the labs will allow Symrise experts to work on flavors for various application areas—particularly beverages, sweet applications and savory foods—along with fragrances and cosmetic ingredients, with a focus on the local market.  It will employee three new lab specialists.

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“This will strengthen our presence and underpin our growth goals in the region,” said Rudy McLean, managing director at Symrise South Africa. “With these application labs, we can create products in the market for the market. We can deepen our understanding of the preferences and needs of local people and—where possible—use local raw materials.”

Symrise has been active in Nigeria for more than 30 years via its scent & care and flavor & nutrition segments; the new labs will incorporate customer preferences and market requirements in product development locally and quickly.

Adds McLean: “With this new investment, we are enhancing our local footprint and intensifying our long-term commitment to Nigeria and the region.”

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